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The Campaign Against the Docking of Dogs' Tails (and cropping of ears)



r. Tail-docking (dogs)

RCVS Council, June 2007

see this link for code of conduct RCVS - Tail- docking (dogs)

  • The RCVS considers docking of dogs' tails to be an unjustified mutilation
  • Therapeutic docking to treat tail injury or disease is acceptable
  • The Royal College has for many years been firmly opposed to the docking
    of dogs' tails


has issued advice for Veterinary Surgeons at






Have a non-docked Breed?

Don't own a dog?

You can still support the ADA

You can support our anti-docking campaign worldwide by making sure your politicians know your concerns and alert others to the campaign information on this site.
Ask puppy buyers to buy undocked puppies only and from a reputable breeder who screens their breed for appropriate health tests


The Kennel Club

For latest bulletins from Kennel Club see this link:-

The Kennel Club's advice on docking
in part says:-

'.........The Kennel Club does not approve of the legislation which has been introduced but it nevertheless has a duty to advise:

  • Societies whose shows the KC, SKC or WKC licenses
  • Exhibitors and Competitors who attend these shows
  • Breeders and
  • Judges

on how to proceed so as to avoid putting themselves in danger of acting unlawfully.....'

Kennel Club Breed Standards which incorporate all undocked tail standards can be found at this link:=-




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